Hair Patch Bonding with Glue. Hair patch is fixed on the bald area, with the help of strong glue (it doesn’t have any side-effects on the skin). This helps to keep patch in same position for longer duration ranging from 20 days to 45 days, vary person to person based on usage and skin. This gives best look.

Hair Cipping

Hair Patch Clipping with the help of clips. In this case, patch is fixed with the help of clips using existing hair near bald spot on head. Patch in this type of system can be removed and fixed as required. Normally, those who wish to sleep without hair patch fixed on head, go for this type of system. This gives little less consistent look as the position at each fixing may vary a little, as you do it on your own.


Hair Patch Weaving works by weaving the patch hair and the hair around bald area to keep the patch in place. This is normally done when the glue doesn’t suit for some person, due to various reasons like extensive sweating or skin dandruff. This also gives look equivalent to bonding system.

Hair Taping

Hair Patch Taping is done when a person wish to remove and fix patch on bald spot as and when he wish. Patch is fixed on the bald sport with the help of double sided glued tape. The tape comes in variety of ranges that last from 1 day to 14 days. This gives little less consistent style as compared to bonding, but you get a liberty to remove as you wish.